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Just1 - Biography

Street artist born in Geneva in 1976, swiss and english

Of British origin, I am an artist who was born and educated in Switzerland. My main focus is mural and post-graffiti art for which I am commissioned by institutions as well as private clients.

As a street artist, it was necessary to adapt my skills to many requests involving  different surfaces and media. This work has since evolved into popular and educational murals for top galleries. My overall skills include photography, graphic design, and directing and editing short films. As well as working from photographs, my ideas come from whatever surrounds me.

List of Exhibitions

Be the change – Street Art Gallery (2014 Dubai)
Wynwood Goes Dubai – Street Art Gallery (Dubai 2014)
Festigraff – French Institute (Dakar 2014)
Riot – the Mine (dubai 2014)

Curfue - Victor Contemporary Art (Geneve 2012)
APP ART (Geneve 2013)
Master yourself Kong Gallery (Bern 2012)
La fonderie (Geneve 2011)